SimpliShip Joins Forces With Qwyk to Offer Faster, Better Freight Forwarder Solutions
SimpliShip and Qwyk are the latest duos of logistics software vendors and solutions providers to open digitalization in the marketplace with automated quoting and booking. Learn more now.

(Boston, MA)--SimpliShip is integrating with Qwyk to offer a seamless forwarder portal that includes our rate management API (LiNK) and their vessel schedules, visibility and booking capabilities. 

SimpliShip, an established digital freight management rate provider empowering forwarders with automated, instant quoting for ocean and air freight modes, is now integrating with Qwyk to offer faster bookings through a dedicated customer-facing portal. 

Time-oriented processes and automation within logistics continue to change the way the world connects and collaborates. The partnership between ShipShip and Qwyk will give freight forwarders an out of the box Transportation Management System (TMS) and customer portal for their customers to access on-demand.

According to SimpliShip CEO Cory Margand:

“The Qwyk solution is a natural fit for us. This integration will allow us to keep our focus on providing innovative freight procurement tech solutions while being able to deliver a more all-encompassing solution to both of our customers. With this integration, we can now take a customer from quote to booking within minutes rather than days.”

The SimpliShip API integrates into Qwyk’s platform, leveraging our API to create a branded experience for freight forwarders. Qwyk already possesses the digital bookings, vessels and tracking, but using the SimpliShip API, Qwyk can offer rate management which initiates the entire operational process in a fashion that they expect to receive it in and in the most cost effective manner. In short, SimpliShip’s API now empowers a new level of automation to support:

The integration with Simpliship gives both companies and solutions an opportunity to complement each other very well and offer a very complete digitization package for both our customers.

Qwyk had this to say as well:

“As people who have worked in the industry, we understand the challenges in rate management that many companies face and the impact it has on quoting. We feel strongly about delivering a suite of solutions that helps freight forwarders digitize their customer-facing interactions without exposing them to expensive and manual maintenance. This cooperation will mean we can provide solutions to both these, SimpliShip has a novel and innovative approach to automated quoting. We will combine their solution with our schedules, booking, and e-commerce portals environment to offer freight forwarders and their customers a digital business experience without compromising on their brand, their relationships, and their people,” said Qwyk CEO Martyn Verhaegen.

Aside from both companies’ excitement over the newfound capabilities, the cooperation carries a final word of warning and opportunity for the global logistics empire. Collaboration is the new normal, and as smaller companies move to secure a larger share of the market, the time for digitalization is here. 

About Qwyk

Qwyk is a venture capital-backed company, funded by the TechStars accelerator and angel investors. Martyn Verhaegen launched Qwyk in 2017, with the objective of helping logistics companies leverage the benefits of new technology. Verhaegen worked at a senior level in the NVOCC/Consolidator and freight forwarding sector for more than 10 years. With a global customer base, Qwyk is at the forefront of supporting digital transformation in the freight and logistics sector.

About SimpliShip:

In 2015, supply chain veteran Cory Margand set out to create connectivity in a fragmented freight industry by launching SimpliShip. Concentrating on API connectivity and freight procurement innovation, SimpliShip creates solutions that enable Freight Forwarders, BCO's and B2B Marketplaces of all sizes to procure or provide the best instant international air and ocean rates and services with an easy to use freight quoting tool. At the intersection of logistics and technology, SimpliShip is focused on creating products that amplify machine-scale communications and industry-leading expertise required to keep pace in today's rapidly evolving supply chain.