SimpliShip and Qwyk Start Strategic Cooperation with AiLa
The two fast growing startups Qwyk and SimpliShip have signed an agreement with the freight forwarder network AiLa, allowing its members to use the full range of digital forwarder tools with immediate effect

Rotterdam, The Netherlands& Boston, USA, 20 May 2020 – In a joint statement the digital startups Qwyk and SimpliShip have signed a new global agreement with the Asia-Centric freight forwarders network AiLa, with the goal to digitize their customer processes. The combined offering includes schedules, rate management, branded customer portals, visibility, spot quotes, bookings, and will allow AiLa Members to become digital front runners in their segment of the industry. “We are extremely happy about having AiLa as a new client”, says Martyn Verhaegen, CEO and Founder of Qwyk,” AiLa is a very innovative Network with very agile members, that are keen to digitize their business as quick as possible. Being part of a process that takes this large network of forwarders to the next level is not only an honor, but also a pleasure.” Cory Margand, CEO of SimpliShip added: “Today, I’m excited to say that we’ve entered into the rapid adoption phase of tech in international logistics. AiLa currently has 1,000 Forwarders and growing very fast. They will have 2,500+ members in 2021. This is a huge opportunity to scale our tech globally and enable their forwarders to offer the best customer experience at a very low cost.  Further, this strengthens our   marketplace   and   API   capabilities   returning   exponential   value   to   our   current customers”. AiLa had well defined requirements when evaluating possible vendors for their digitization initiative. The networks providers goal was clear:  A better digital service-offer to its customers and a significant reduction of manual processes with a tangible impact on customers satisfaction. AiLa’s CEO, Melvin Law said: “AiLa was founded on the premises that technology would change forwarder networks forever. We believe that the Qwyk/SimpliShip portal will create leverage in the marketplace for our forwarders and AiLa as a whole.  It will allow us to grow commercially by scaling globally, decrease our bottom-line costs, and give our customers what they want...a truly end to end digital experience!"

About Qwyk

Qwyk is a venture capital backed company, funded by the TechStars accelerator and angel investors. Martyn Verhaegen launched Qwyk in 2017, with the objective of helping logistics companies leverage the benefits of new technology.  Verhaegen worked at a senior level in the NVOCC/Consolidator and freight forwarding sector for more than 10 years. With a global customer base, Qwyk is at the forefront of supporting digital transformation in the freight and logistics sector.

About SimpliShip

In 2015, supply chain veteran Cory Margand set out to create connectivity in a fragmented freight industry   by   launching SimpliShip.  Concentrating on API connectivity and freight procurement innovation, SimpliShip creates solutions that enable Freight Forwarders, BCO's and B2B Marketplaces of all sizes to procure or provide the best instant international air and ocean rates and services with an easy to use freight quoting tool. At the intersection of logistics and technology, SimpliShip is focused on creating products that amplify machine-scale communications and industry-leading expertise required to keep pace in today's rapidly evolving supply chain.

About AiLa

To help logistic companies to stay ahead, Al Logistics Alliance International Pte. Ltd. (AILA) developed a   logistics   technological   platform. AILA's logistics technological platform leverages the world's multimodal logistics management community to enable companies to quickly and cost-effectively connect and collaborate. Embracing Artificial intelligence (AI), AILA is neutrally managed and operated to truly benefit every member company. We strive to add innovative and high-value membership benefits, join as a member company of AILA to accelerate your business by joining other worldwide freight forwarding companies who are also part of AILA's organization. Ai Logistics Alliance International Pte. Ltd. (AILA) have also soft-launched our first product in China where traders are able to obtain instant up-to-date standardized freight and transport quotations for decision-making from our curated network of reliable logistics services partners