Global Forwarding Network WIN Chooses Qwyk & SimpliShip for Multinational Digitization Project
The freight forwarder network WIN Logistics has signed an agreement with the two digital startups, Qwyk & SimpliShip, to digitize the internal and customer facing processes for its 86 Members

Rotterdam (NL),  Boston (USA) , Kloten (CH), August 25th, 2020 – In a joint statement the  Swiss headquartered WIN Network and the two digital startups Qwyk and SimpliShip announced they have signed a global agreement to digitize the internal and external processes of the freight forwarder network. WIN evaluated a number of potential candidates for their digitization project out of which the partnership between Qwyk and SimpliShip qualified as the best suitable solution in terms of user-experience and technical functionality.

“We are extremely happy to have won this global bid on the WIN business. The customer had a very detailed evaluation process, in which, WIN checked the individual applicants scoring against a large number of criteria, and to have been able to convince them on this basis speaks to the capabilities that QwykPortals offers. It’s no secret that competition in this space is increasing and we’re happy to be able to partner with WIN and its members to give them and their customers the digital experience and capabilities they are looking for”, said Harm Wessels, CCO of Qwyk.

“We’re building a platform ...” added Martyn Verhaegen, Qwyk’s CEO, “allowing the customer to use our capabilities in front end, schedules and platform-building, combining that with SimpliShip’s rate management and quoting capabilities as well as various other pieces of the puzzle such as having integrations with the various TMS’s and ERP’s WIN members use through our partnership with A super intuitive and attractive front end is important but, in my vision, pulling together all these different components to ensure a strong all-around capability is even more powerful and impactful and we’re super excited to be able to deploy this for a group as diverse as WIN’s members.”

WIN’s goal is to digitize internal processes affecting the way members work with each other, their internal and external rate management as well as their entire customer experience. “Competition is not sleeping. We see what the multinational forwarders do. We as WIN want to enable our members to play in this league and with this project, we want to get there in a very short period. This is an ambitious goal, but we know we have chosen the best possible option with Qwyk and SimpliShip. This is the start of the Digital Transformation of our Network and its Members”, says Jacques Abouzeid, Vice Chairman of WIN. “The two companies have proven that they fulfill all the attributes we have been looking for but moreover that they are extremely flexible and eager to adjust their solutions to our needs. This is what we really liked.”

For the two digital startups an interesting journey will start now. 85 members around the world need to be equipped with individual and corporate solutions enabling them to manage their rates more efficiently, allowing their clients to self-quote and book online by also using Qwyk’s market-leading sailing schedule management solutions. End-to-end visibility is equally important as detailed reporting functionalities.

“We love this project! We have built our rate management APIs and technology to be flexible.  There’s really no other option when it comes to rate management. And, there is no better way of showing our leadership in the market than taking on a large number of forwarders from all over the world at once.”, says Cory Margand, CEO of SimpliShip.  “This really is advanced rate management!  85 SME Forwarders competing in their individual markets need a solution and we are the ones making this happen!”

About Qwyk

Qwyk is a venture capital backed company, funded by the TechStars accelerator and angel investors. Martyn Verhaegen launched Qwyk in 2017, with the objective of helping logistics companies leverage the benefits of new technology. Verhaegen worked at a senior level in the NVOCC/Consolidator and freight forwarding sector for more than 10 years. With a global customer base, Qwyk is at the forefront of supporting digital transformation in the freight and logistics sector.

About SimpliShip

In 2015, supply chain veteran Cory Margand set out to create connectivity in a fragmented freight industry by launching SimpliShip.  Concentrating on API connectivity and freight procurement innovation, SimpliShip creates solutions that enable Freight Forwarders, BCO's and B2B Marketplaces of all sizes to procure or provide the best instant international air and ocean rates and services with an easy to use freight quoting tool. At the intersection of logistics and technology, SimpliShip is focused on creating products that amplify machine-scale communications and industry-leading expertise required to keep pace in today’s rapidly evolving supply chain

About WIN

WIN is a global network of freight forwarding specialists based in 77 countries worldwide. Headquartered in Switzerland and founded in 2000, the network offers its 85 members exclusive access to the partner network, support in financial, legal and insurance questions and now also a unified technology platform. With more than 1.3 million cbm of LCL cargo, more than 800.000 TEU of FCL Cargo and more than 300,000 Tons of Airfreight Cargo, the WIN members form one of the strongest and most significant logistic networks in the world.