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Jacelyn Crawford, Operations Supervisor, Twin Lake Ltd.

"As a veteran of the industry, I'm extremely pleased to see such an innovative, customer-oriented global transportation site hit our market. I've personally worked with the site's founder, Cory Margand, for nearly a decade, and in an aray of logistics capacities. The concept itself, combined with his vision, drive, and years as a proven producer, make me confident that not only will SimpliShip deliver, but will do so with the utmost integrity, exceeding customer expectations. I see this site changing the way we as a collective move freight across the world." - Jacelyn Crawford, Operations Supervisor, Twin Lake Ltd.

Steve Lieber, President, Affinity LED Lighting

"Finally a solution for global shipping that allows me to focus on building my business rather than how I will get my product to my customer in a cost effective manner." - Steve Lieber, President, Affinity LED Lighting

Pat Fay, Principle, BOC

"As a service provider SimpliShip provides a great opportunity for us to connect with small to midsize international shippers to help build our brand and business in a unique way. We are able to work in a transparent environment with a fully automated online marketplace that gives us a large diverse network of international shippers that we would never have time to develop on our own. We can gain new business at a low cost to us and provide great benefits to our new customers. Truly a win, win scenario. I can’t wait to get started." - Pat Fay, Principle, BOC

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