Welcome, NVOCCs & Freight Forwarders.

It's Time to SimpliShip


A fully automated global shipping marketplace.

We know your job is hard. We know you spend days, weeks, sometimes months trying to find new customers. We also know your business is complex! It takes hard work, dedication and a team of logistics professionals to move international air and ocean freight from Point A to Point B! Searching through trade data and making cold calls can be expensive, inefficient and a waste of time for your sales team.


This is Where We Can Help


Increased Target
Market Opportunities


Incremental Sales


Automated Administrative


Significant Time Savings
(No More Phone Calls!)

How It Works

Out with the Old...In with the New!

Let our easy to use, fully automated, dynamic marketplace connect you instantly to a larger, more diverse network of international shippers. After a shipper posts a shipment you will receive an email invitation from SimpliShip to bid on the business.

Keeping You In the Strike Zone

Increase your chances of gaining immediate incremental business by selecting the freight you wish to bid on. Fully customizable invites mean you only receive a notification from us if it is relevant business for you. Thus, no time is wasted on opportunities outside of your “strike zone.”

Capitalizing on Opportunities

With SimpliShip, you, the NVOCC or Freight Forwarder will capitalize on increased market penetration, incremental opportunities, and optimized freight utilization...all with fewer sales expenses.

All for only 2% of your final transaction amount...


1. Get Notified

Wait for SimpliShip to contact you with shipment notifications or search the Marketplace for live opportunities


2. Get New Business

Use SimpliShip to bid on shipments


3. Get to Work

Finalize shipment and contract details.
On to the next shipment…