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Kuebix Partners with SimpliShip to Expand International TMS Solution

Kuebix, creator of a transportation management system that delivers true shipping intelligence, and international freight marketplace SimpliShip have partnered to integrate the SimpliShip International Freight Rate API with Kuebix TMS. Kuebix enables companies to manage all freight modes and providers on one cloud-based platform. This partnership with SimpliShip will connect Kuebix users to a large network of freight forwarders and NVOCCs for instant and spot market air and ocean freight pricing.

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June Spot Truckload Freight Rates Highest In the Past Two Years

Truckload Freight Rates Skyrocket: has reported that the freight rates for June 2017 are the second-highest that they have been in the past two years. June's van freight volumes were up 35% over what they were just a month ago in May 2017. June freight levels overall have skyrocketed 24% over May of 2017, and up 54% overall from June of 2016.

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Impact of Uber Freight on Current Logtech Industry: Basic Considerations

Uber is beginning to widen their inroads into all forms of transport.

They have moved a long way from that company that you simply called for a ride from point A to point B. Uber Freight, in particular, has positioned itself to have a significant impact on the current Logtech industry. The potential impacts of Uber Freight on current Logtech industry include less than optimal interconnectivity with API freight hub. Others have emphasized that "plugging into a connectivity and middleware-based technology solution layer that already provides visibility solutions is a critical step for Uber and one that could spell either its ultimate success or its ultimate demise.

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Planning for Future Supply Chain Talent

What will the talent landscape look like in the future of supply chain management?

Industry trend is showing that supply chains will become more complex and require a wider variety of skill sets. To stay competitive, companies will need to seek out specialized talent and know how to arm them with the right tools to get the job done. It may be pretty cliche to talk about how “people” are any company’s best asset but it couldn’t be more true for the team you build to build and run your supply chain.

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