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Don’t let Chinese New Year Slow Your Supply Chain Down

Chinese New Year (CNY) starts February 8th, is your supply chain ready for it?

What You Should Know

Each year, businesses are blindsided by delays caused by CNY that weren’t taken into consideration when planning their production and delivery schedules. The holiday is officially a weeklong event, but due to travel time and extended celebration – you can expect it to take away up to 3 weeks of your timelines. During this time, factories and major businesses in the region will be shut down and should anticipate radio silence until they return.

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Is Santa Using SimpliShip? ... He Should Be.

As the eCommerce industry continues to boom, the pressure on distribution centers across the world to deliver on time has never been greater. Small to Medium size enterprises (SME's) rely heavily on every link in their supply chain to ensure goods arrive and that customer satisfaction does not drop. SimpliShip is spreading "on time delivery" cheer this holiday season and keeping companies off the naught list.

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SimpliShip Featured as Oracle Partner!

SimpliShip was just featured in Oracles Partner Corner, a segment in their Logistics Partners Newsletter. The Partner Corner highlights companies making breakthroughs in the logistics technology that will be integrated into their software to enhance user experience. We are excited to partner with Oracle and spread the word of SimpliShip to their network of industry leaders!

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What are Incoterms anyway?

Via SimpliShip

Let's break it down for you. Incoterms is a very complicated topic but we are going to make it very simple. So, what are they anyway? Incoterms are a set of legal and financial obligations for both the buyer and seller. The terms are agreed upon prior to issuing a PO to the seller. In other words, it describes what the buyer and seller are responsible for.

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