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Freight Forwarder vs. Marketplace: What’s the Difference?

Given the number of new startups coming into the freight space, it’s hard to tell what each one exactly does. Even though the freight industry is massive and well established, the emergence of start up technology is a relatively new occurrence. Startups are still navigating and trying to establish their niche in such a complex space. So if you (A SHIPPER) are looking for a new technology to ship your freight from point A to point B, which should you use?

First you must understand that freight service technology basically comes down to whether the service is a Freight Forwarder or a Freight Marketplace.

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Tips for Getting the Best International Freight Quote

Getting an International Freight Quote

At SimpliShip our goal is to make the process of getting international air and ocean freight quotes from trusted Freight Forwarders easier. With that in mind we thought it would be a good time to highlight some of the things that small to medium size companies should know before trying to get a freight quote.

Know your shipment details

This includes location of your overseas supplier (Origin), where you want the shipment to be delivered (Destination), the commodity, size and weight of goods being shipped, how they are packed (pallets, boxes, cartons, etc), the shipment ready date. Not having this information ready when you request a quote will complicate the process and the amount of time it takes to get an accurate freight quote back.

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Top 5 Reasons SME's use SimpliShip

It’s Really Easy to Use

Everyday, small to medium size companies sign up, enter their international shipment details, get freight rates and book their shipments using SimpliShip. Our easy-to-use digital platform connects SME’s instantly to network of reliable Freight Forwarders eager to earn their business. It’s so easy to use our customer service team is getting bored!

Save Time

SimpliShip changes the way small to medium size companies request air and ocean freight rates, replacing phone calls and emails with an easy-to-use dashboard. Small to medium size companies have one convenient place to compare and manage multiple freight quotes. SimpliShip customers spend 56.7% less time searching for air and ocean freight rates. Ok, we made up that number, but they do save a wicked lot of time!

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Top 5 Reasons Freight Forwarders use SimpliShip

Grow Your Business

Every day small to medium size companies join SimpliShip looking for reliable Freight Forwarders that will offer the best combination of price and service for their international shipments. Our fully automated digital platform connects you instantly to a larger, more diverse network of SME’s with the absolute lowest customer acquisition cost.

Save Time and Money

SimpliShip delivers new business opportunities directly to your laptop or mobile device, no sales calls required. All of the shipment details to provide a quote are easy to view, ensuring you can quote each shipment right the first time. Increase your chances of gaining immediate business by choosing the freight you wish to bid on all with fewer sales expenses.

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