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Suez Canal Takes Step Closer in Goal of Becoming International Logistics Hub

via WSJ

This week, the Egyptian government will announce the winner of a tender to build a side channel near the Suez Canal. This channel will open up 24/7 access for vessels in the Mediterranean directly to East Port Said. This expansion is a major win for shipping companies, shippers and Egypt’s economy because it allows two-way traffic on the waterway for the first time.

Expect a boost in productivity and shorter lead times as the new traffic lane will bypass the bottleneck caused by the current Suez Canal convoy. Supply Chain Managers operating in this region will also have the flexibility to plan around the clock access, instead of the current 8 hours allotted.

Streamlining access through this centrally located logistic hub is a big step in the right direction for improving the efficiencies of international shipping and speed to markets.


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